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Football Match Predictions - Statistics and Numbers

Until relatively recently, anyone looking to place a bet on a football match or just predict the outcome with friends would largely rely on gut instinct. Most newspapers would show a team`s recent form but there were few opportunities to go into the huge amount of information that is available today for anyone wanting to have a shot at predicting football results.
There are many reasons why we have access to so many statistics and numbers today and the introduction of the internet is an obvious one. If you wanted to check the results between say Liverpool and Manchester United from the last ten years then you either had to have an extraordinarily good memory or maybe you could go through a vast pile of football programmes to try to get the answer.
Today, with just a few clicks, you can bring up those results and they can help you make an informed decision when it comes to the next Liverpool v Manchester Utd clash.
Be wary though of a false statistic that is often heard used by commentators who might tell you that team A hasn`t beaten team B for forty years while conveniently forgetting to tell you that they may have only met each other twice in that time.
The rise in spread betting has also had a direct affect on the sheer volume of statistics that are available. Previously, when you wanted to place a bet on a game, you may have been able to go for the result, correct score and maybe the first goalscorer. Spread betting changed all that and you could suddenly bet on the number of throw ins, yellow cards and much more. With all these new bets available, it was just crying out for someone to give you some information so you could gauge where to put your money.
Firms such as Opta began to evolve to provide us with all sorts of statistics. You could now see how many passes any one individual player had made or how many interceptions and tackles they`d completed. This type of information had been available for years in sports such as American Football and with the rise of the internet and television sport, they began to make their way around the world.
Although these statistics aren`t made available to anyone, if you watch any level of sports news, you will hear Opta stats being mentioned at regular intervals and they will quickly come round to the game that you have a particular interest in. These days, football clubs and television companies use precise analysis to look at these statistics and see, for example, the effect that the absence of one particular player is likely to have on the game.
While many people still rely on the `gut instinct` to predict the outcome of a game, the revolution in football that has brought us the Premiership and daily live matches has also brought with it a wealth of new information and you can be fairly certain that your favourite soccer pundit has more than one eye on this information as he conveys his footy tips to the nation.







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