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Horse Racing - Picking Winners

There are many factors to consider when looking for winners. What is clear is that there is no single master system or betting technique that can be successful in all races in all conditions. There are too many variables.

For successful selections it is important to look at individual horses against the background of the different types and class of event in which they compete. Each race needs to be treated as a separate event and analysed accordingly. There are so many different types of races and meetings that the main advantage that punters have over bookmakers is selectivity. Bookmakers have to price up every horse race in every race but you don't have to bet in every race. It pays to be selective and only bet when you feel you have an edge over the bookmaker.

Some factors remain constance for every type of horse in every type of race and any selection you make must take into account the following five key factors,

Never back a horse unproven on the going
Never back a horse unsuited to the track.
Never back a horse from a trainer out of form.
Never back a horse whose trainer has a poor record at the track.
Never back a horse whose jockey has a poor record at the track.

Once you have eliminated all the horses in the race falling into one or more of the above categories you will have drastically reduced the number of horses that require further study.

The next stage is to look at the following information for each horse.

Horse form (form ratings and speed ratings)
Course form
Distance form
Weight carried
Going form
Pace of the race
Recent form versus overall form

For more specific information on what to consider in these areas read the key factors section.

Finally, once you have considered all of the above and you are left with one horse you should look at the odds and only bet when you feel that the price of the horse is higher than you think it should be.

If no horse satisfied all the criteria then DO NOT BET, there is always another race there is no point in putting money on a selection about which you have doubts.

If two or more horses satisfy all the criteria then you have two options, do not bet or dutch your selections, in other words, split your stake between the two selections.

Finding all this information is relatively straightforward. All you need is a copy of the Racing Post newspaper or alternatively access to the Racing Post website. Personally, as well as the Racing Post I also use a computerised version of the form book in the form of a software package called Raceform Interactive. This is the official form book produced by Raceform on behalf of the British Horse racing Board (BHB). It provides extensive details of every race run in the UK and Ireland as well as the major overseas races. It also has a full race history of every UK racehorse in training. I like using two sources of information because it gives you two separate points of view of previous races and two separate ratings systems.




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