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Horse Racing - UK Flat Turf Courses

Below is a list of all the flat turf courses in the UK summarising the varying characteristics of each.

Direction - refers to the direction the horses turn when they go round a bend.

Stiff - A stiff track requires a lot of stamina, such as one with a long home straight or an uphill finish.

Speed - Tight or Galloping (Gall)


On a tight track there are no long straights where the horses can build up speed. During a race the horses are constantly racing around a turn or approaching one. Races run at these courses are generally run at a slower pace. These tracks suit smaller more agile horses who are able to pick up speed quickly.


These are tracks which have long straight stretches which allow horses to build up speed gradually. This type of track suits the big long striding horse.

Surface - Flat or Undulating (Und) - this refers to the surface of the track.

Gradient - Uphill (Up) or Downhill (Down) - this refers to significant stretches of the track.

TV - Attheraces (A) or Racing UK (R) - refers to which TV channel the course's races are shown on.

Click on the course name for a fuller description including,

detailed characteristics of the course.
betting strategies for handicaps and non-handicaps.
details of any particular running styles that are favoured on the course.
any draw bias.

Direction Stiff Speed Surface Gradient TV
Right Yes Gall Flat   A
Left   Gall Flat   R
Left   Gall   Up A
Right Yes     Up R
Left     Very Und Down A
Right Yes   Und Up R
Left   Tight Und Down R
Left   Gall Und Down A
Left   Very Tight Flat   R
Left   Gall Flat   A
Left   Tight Und Down R
Left     Flat   A
Right   Tight Und Up A
Right   Tight Und Down R
Right     Und Up R
Left   Gall Flat   R
Right Yes   Und Up A
Left   Tight Und Down A
Right   Tight     R
Left   Very Gall Flat   R
Left Yes Gall   Up A
Right   Very Gall Und Up R
Right   Very Gall Und Up R
Left   Gall Flat   R
Left     Und Up R
Left   Gall Flat   R
Right     Und   A
Right Yes Gall   Up R
Right       Up R
Left   Tight Und   R
Left   Tight Und   R
Right   Very Tight     A
Left   Gall     A
Left   Gall     R
UK Flat Turf Course Guide




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