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Football - Premiership Betting

There are many reasons why football has emerged to become the most popular sport from a betting point of view but the huge increase in televised matches has had a major role to play in that fact. As far as the English Premier League is concerned, nearly half of all the games are now shown live over the course of the weekend and a bet on any match can only add to your enjoyment.

There are some gambles that are exclusive to the premiership too and one of the most attractive bets spans the entire course of the season. At the end of the campaign, the Golden Boot trophy is awarded to the player who has scored the most goals in the premiership season and many punters flock to speculate on who the winner will be.

This is a particularly exciting gamble because the outcome is often decided on the very last day of the regular campaign and at the end of 2010-11, the trophy was actually shared between Dimitar Berbatov and Carlos Tevez.

With this bet, you need to anticipate loss of form while factors such as suspension and injuries can all play their part in the final outcome.

Another exclusive bet is colloquially known as the `Sack Race` and involves speculating on the first Premiership manager to leave their post at the start of the campaign. This is a very interesting gamble and statistics would show that the favourite at the beginning of any season is rarely the first to depart.

Often, a chairman will invest heavily in a club in the hope that new signings will propel them up the table and if they don`t see tangible results in a short space of time, the boss could be in for an uncomfortable period. Ultimately, this bet is down to who has the most patience once the season is underway.

Whether you`re an experienced gambler or a complete novice, everyone is looking for betting tips and the Premiership provides many opportunities.

A popular bet in any football match is the first goal scorer gamble where you have to predict which player from either side will open the scoring. Usually, a centre forward will strike first but there are certain players in the Premier League who provide more than their fair share of goals from defence.

John Terry of Chelsea and Robert Huth of Stoke are just two defenders who come up for corners and set pieces with a keen eye for goal and over the course of the season, betting on them to score first could turn a decent profit.

Premiership betting has also benefited from the introduction of betting in play as a concept. This is where you can place a host of bets once a game has kicked off and it puts your skills as a soccer analyst to the test. You have to think quickly too as odds can change rapidly so you need to judge the optimum moment to stake your money.

Some aspects of football betting are unique to the English Premier League while others can be placed on any match, anywhere in the world. With more games now available via live football streaming, there`s no better time to get involved and to increase your entertainment when watching a match.







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