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The Football Pools


A brief history of the football pools

The football pools is one of the oldest forms of football betting. In 1923, John Moores and two friends handed out 4,000 Littlewoods Football Pools coupons outside Old Trafford in Manchester. The business was loss making at first but by the 1930s playing the pools was a national pastime with millions taking part every week.

Life changing sums of money were handed out with more than 60 million people receiving winning cheques, from 1,000 in 1934 to 1,000,000 in 1986. The biggest ever pools win was 2,924,622.60.

The winter of 1962/63 saw football decimated by freezing temperatures and Littlewoods needed results for their customers and so the pools panel was created. The panel of former players and referees provides expert opinion and continues to sit every week.

In 1973 Spot The Ball was introduced as a weekly game which quickly became another public favourite.

The idea behind the pools is very simple, find score draws from the weekend football fixtures. The more correct predictions the more points you get. The higher the number of points the bigger the prize payout with a possible top prize payout of 3,000,000.

The New Football Pools

The governments introduction of the national lottery had a massive impact on the pools business. Now, the three biggest pools companys, Littlewoods, Vernons and Zetters have come together as the New Football Pools.

You can play the classic pools and spot the ball every week but in addition other variations are now available. You can play Premier 10 where you predict the results of the 10 Premier League games to win a share of the jackpot or Footy 15 where you predict the results of 15 matches with prizes from just 11 correct.



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