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Football Betting Systems

There may be no such thing as a risk free bet but there are many football betting systems around that can help you to turn a profit over the course of a soccer season. Some will use mathematical probability whilst others rely heavily on research but in principle, all should give you a greater chance of winning.

One of the most common examples is called an arbitrage or arb bet and this relies on two sets of odds in a match where there are only two possible outcomes. Odds on each player are set in such a way that if you stake money correctly, you are guaranteed a win.

Here is an example using a tennis match whereby, there can only be two possible winners.

Player 1 is available at odds of 1.7 with bookmaker 1
Player 2 is available at odds 2.5 with bookmaker 2

You then stake, as an example, 100 on player 1 and 65 on player 2. If player 1 wins the match then you collect 170.00 but if player 2 is successful you pick up 171.20. Therefore, you make a clear profit of at least 5.00 no matter what happens in the contest.

You could use any multiples of these stakes but at the end of the game you should walk away with a profit.

Another system which isn`t foolproof, but does use an element of mathematical probability involves betting on the strongest teams in leagues across the world. Taking Bayern Munich as an example, the German side went on a long unbeaten run in the 2012-13 domestic campaign which extended to over four months.

Professional gamblers might operate a system which bets on Bayern Munich to win in every game they play. They are so strong that there is a very high chance of success and whilst the odds may be very short on each occasion, there is a high rate of profit return.

However, if Bayern were backed to win and they drew or lost the game, that professional gambler would return the following week, bet on the team to win once again and simply double their stake. The system can be repeated for other, strong teams all over the world such as Barcelona and Manchester United and whilst it isn`t 100% guaranteed, there is a very high success rate among the betting fraternity.

Other systems involve taking three games where the away side are odds-on favourites to win the match. A treble bet is placed in the hope that all three teams win and return a healthy profit. There is no real science to this gamble but once again, it has a good rate of success overall.

Other punters will tell you that there is no substitute for old-fashioned research but that doesn`t mean to say that systems and research are mutually exclusive. One of the most popular side bets involves individual goal scorers and there is a good method of predicting some high odds wins in this market. You can bet on the first goal scorer in any game but you stand a better chance of success if you choose to bet on a player to score anytime in ninety minutes. The centre forwards always have the lowest odds here but what about those who play further down the pitch?

Some centre halves score more than their fair share of goals. John Terry at Chelsea and Robert Huth of Stoke are prime examples whilst it is always worth looking at defenders who are designated penalty takers such as Leighton Baines at Everton.

Taking a small bet on a match can really enhance your enjoyment but naturally it is more pleasurable if you win! Using some of these popular systems could really help to turn those odds in your favour.






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