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Live dealer casinos are relatively new to the internet but with the technology widely available today it was only a matter of time before they started becoming popular.

So what are they ? In simple terms, rather than playing your favourite casino games on the internet with computer generated images with computer generated random number outcomes you play on a real table with a real dealer. You are provided with the same options that are available when you play at a land based casino in that you can watch the dealer, listen to what the dealer is saying and even chat with the dealer or other players.

How do they work ? Some sites may require you to download some software to your PC in order to play, others will not. Once you sign up and log on you are connected to a web cam showing the live dealer. You can then play in exactly the same way as you would normally. The sites use advanced video technology software so that you are able to see things as they happen with minimal delay. There are two types of broadcast, either from a real land based casino with real players round the tables or from a studio dedicated to the live dealer play.

What are the advantages ? The games are more real than in a regular online casino giving you the same experience you would get from a land based casino. You can see the cards being dealt and feel part of the action.

What games are on offer ? The most popular casino games are available to play, roulette, blackjack, baccarat and sic bo.

Where can I play ? Some of the most popular and trusted sites offering live dealer games are listed below with the games they offer and details of any bonuses.







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