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Casinos - Blackjack

The object of the game is for the total of your cards to be closed to 21 than the dealer's without going over 21.
Aces count as either 1 or 11, face cards as 10 and number cards as their face value.
Blackjack is an ace and any 10 card and usually pays 3:2.
If you go over 21 you are “bust” and automatically lose.
If you and the dealer end up with the same number it is called a “push” and your stake is returned.
A winning hand pays even money
If the dealer busts then as long as you have not bust you automatically win.

The game starts by you placing money in the box in front of you. You and the dealer are then dealt two cards each. Both your cards are shown face up and one of the dealer's cards is face up.

You now have the choice of what action to take depending on what cards you have and what card the dealer has face up. (see below for the perfect blackjack strategy). The dealer must follow certain rules, if he has less than 17 he must take a card, if he has 17 or more he must stand.


if you are happy with your hand you stand and take no more cards


if you wish to take more cards you can do so you stand or are bust.


if you feel you only need one more card then you can double your bet. In this case you are dealt one more card and must stand.


if your first two cards are of the same value you can split them. This is creating a new hand out of each of the cards and you must make a second wager equal to that of your first. You are then dealt a further cards for each hand and you then have the same options for both of your hands.


some casinos offer the option to surrender your cards. If you do not like your cards you can surrender your cards for half the bet.

There are several variations of blackjack – see the individual casinos for more information.

Perfect Blackjack

As explained in the casino odds section, all casinos have a house edge. If you play blackjack with no definite strategy then this advantage to the house can be increased.

In order to get the best possible return for your money playing Blackjack you should use the guide below which will tell you what is the best course of action dependent on the cards you have and the card the dealer is showing. This guide has been developed after many house of Blackjack play and computer simulation.

It is very easy to follow the guide. The left hand column shows all possible combinations for your two cards and the top row shows all the possible cards the dealer can have. Simply look down the left hand column until you find your hand then look across to the column corresponding to the dealer's card. There are seven options available to you - Hit, Stand, Split, Double if allowed or Hit if not, Double if allowed or Stand if not, Surrender if allowed or Hit if not and Split if allowed or Hit if not.

Please note that you should always Stand on 17 or above and NEVER take insurance if offered.

Please feel free to save the strategy guide or print it out so you can have it to hand when playing Blackjack. You can do this by right clicking on the guide itself.

Perfect Blackjack Guide



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