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Casinos - 3 Card Poker

This is simplified version of poker which you play against the dealer with three cards. There are, in effect, two games in one and you can bet on one or both.

Pair Plus

You place a bet and if there is a pair or better in the three cards you are dealt you are paid according to what hand you have. The dealer's hand is irrelevant. The hand ranking goes from a pair to a straight flush.

Ante and Play

You initially place a bet in the ante box and your three cards are dealt. After you look at your hand you decide whether or not to fold, in which case you lose the ante bet, or call in which case you place a bet equal to the ante bet in the call box.
If you call your hand is compared to the dealer's. The dealer needs a Queen or better to qualify.

There are four possible outcomes,

Dealer does not qualify – ante wins 1/1, play bet is returned.

Dealer qualifies and player beats dealer – both play and ante bets win 1/1

Dealer qualifies and dealer beats player – both play and ante bets lose.

Dealer qualifies and dealer ties with player – both play and ante bets are returned to the player.

In addition, the ante bet has an extra bonus that does not depend on the dealer's hand – a straight pays and extra 1/1, three of a kind pays an extra 4/1 and a straight flush pays an extra 5/1.

Aces play both high and low to a straight and a straight beats a flush because there are fewer ways to make a straight with three cards.






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