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The Most Successful Horse Racing System Ever

This is a straightforward system which will throw up good priced winners. The main attribute of this system is that it is quick and simple to find qualifiers.

Choose all races with between 6 and 12 runners. It does not matter whether these races are handicaps or non-handicaps, you back in all races of 6 to 12 runners.

To be a selection a horse must have been placed (first, second, third or fourth) at least four times in it's last six outings and in at least one if these occasions it must have won.

It must have a minimum of twice in the current season and must have been placed in one of those two races.

It must be either a course winner or a distance winner or both.
It must be trained by one of the leading ten trainers at the track.
It must be ridden by one of the leading ten jockeys at the track.

When all the rules are satisfied you have a selection.

The Bookie Basher

The newspaper required is the Racing Post.
Look at the forecast favourites with odds in the range 8/11 to 9/4 inclusive.
The second favourite must be at least 4/1.
The horse must have been placed in the first three last time out.
It must have run within the last 28 days.
It must be top rated by POSTMARK, not joint top rated.
A minimum of 5 runners and a maximum of 14.
It must be ridden by a professional or top apprentice claiming only 3lbs or 5 lbs.
It must be able to handle the going,
If three or more runs in it's lifetime it must have won or placed, beaten a maximum of three lengths, on going similar to the reported going.
3 year old and older horses with less than three runs no going qualification is required.
2 year olds with less than three runs it must handle the going by either having won or placed, beaten a maximum of three lengths, on the EXACT going as shown in the Racing Post.
Eliminate all selling races, amateur races, juvenile hurdles, novice handicap hurdles, maiden chases and all national hunt races in August.

Factor 4

This is a simple system based on four variables. You will need a newspaper that gives speed ratings.
To qualify a horse must be,
1. Top rated in the speed ratings.
2. Finished in the top three last time out.
3. Favourite.
4. Is running within four days of it's last run.

Very simple and very effective.

Use the Racing Post for this system.

Note all races with less than twelve runners that have speed ratings - all horses must have a rating, ignore races where a quarter or more runners do not have ratings.
Make a note of the horse with the highest rating in each race, ignore races with more than one top rated.

Now you have a list of potential bets.

Ignore horses where three or more of it's rivals have no form behind them.
Ignore horses making a seasonal debut or returning after a break.
Ignore horses that have not been placed in at least two of their last three outings.
Ignore horses that have not won at the same distance it is now running in.

Back the remaining horses.

Amazing Secret System

This system is quite simple.
As you look through the day's racing, look out for any horses with the form figures 111 or 1 and 2 in their last three races and make a note of any races with only two qualifiers.

You then back both horses in the race at level stakes - and that is it !






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