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High Stakes Publishing

High Stakes is part of Oldcastle Books Ltd group who have published gambling related books since the late eighties and also publish Crime Fiction under the No Exit Press imprint and small 96pp reference guides to a variety of subjects (principally film related) under the Pocket Essentials imprint.

We were often asked to obtain other gambling books and when the loft at the original offices of Oldcastle Books began to creak with the weight of books stored there, we opened the retail outlet in Great Ormond Street in November 1998. The present manager is Malcolm Boyle who is also Sporting Life's placepot expert.

In the Spring of 2002, High Stakes Publishing was formed to significantly increase our publishing output of UK orientated gambling books to overcome the woeful lack of UK based gambling material.

Some of the poker software available from High Stakes.

Book picture Master Texas No Limit Hold'em

Master Poker is a new generation of professional-grade poker software which allows you to play No-limit Texas Hold'em on your computer against highly skilled AI players (artificially intelligent) at any time, night or day, without the need to leave your home or office, and without the need to risk real money while building valuable experience.

Master Poker was specifically designed not as a game, but as a tool for serious poker players who absolutely must have intelligent, unpredictable computer opponents in order to create real-world conditions. Though it can certainly be enjoyed as a game, it is meant for those players who wish to improve their poker expertise in a clean, easy to use, realistic and visually appealing environment. Within moments of installing your new software you will experience play so smooth and compelling you'll be convinced you're facing online human adversaries with every card turned.

Check out the Software section of High Stakes Publishing.

Book picture Poker Academy Pro 2.0 by Poker Academy

Designed for the serious rounder, this software offers all the features included in Poker Academy plus many new additions.These include:

Enhanced AI

This version includes two additional advanced Artificial Intelligence bots. Vexbot is a heads-up specialist bot designed specifically to find weaknesses in your game. Sparbot is another heads-up bot that approximates a Nash-optimal game theory strategy, to make the best decisions based on the current game state.

Advanced Player Statistics

Additional information is available in the player statistics module. This information provides more in depth details on your play. This includes who's winning against you, who you are losing to, which starting hands you are having the most success with and how lucky you are getting while playing.

Hand Evaluator

The hand evaluator allows you to see detailed information about the hand you are currently playing. This includes the strength of your hand, your potential to win, tie, or lose with the hand, your pot odds, and more

Check out the Software section of High Stakes Publishing.

Book picture Turbo Texas Hold'em For Windows v6 by Wilson Software

Turbo Texas Hold'em for Windows V6, Wilson Software. Jim McManus, author of Positively Fifth Street, says "Turbo Texas Hold'em changed my whole life." The most powerful and easy to use Hold'em program available. Create players with individual playing styles. Play against 2 to 10 players interactively or via high speed simulation. Get advice and exact odds as you play. Set blinds, bet amounts, rake, toke, etc. Challenge the best computer player. Rake analysis, extensive statistics, play evaluation, peek, replay, enhanced graphics, sound, printing, and statistics. Ability to save and restore games in progress. Pentium with Win 95, Win 98, Win ME, Win NT, Win 2000 or Win XP. Also, MAC with Virtual PC.32 MB RAM, 50MB hard disc space, CD-ROM Drive, sound card (for optimal sound).

Check out the Software section of High Stakes Publishing.

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