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A selection of horse racing books from Amazon

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High Stakes Publishing

High Stakes is part of Oldcastle Books Ltd group who have published gambling related books since the late eighties and also publish Crime Fiction under the No Exit Press imprint and small 96pp reference guides to a variety of subjects (principally film related) under the Pocket Essentials imprint.

We were often asked to obtain other gambling books and when the loft at the original offices of Oldcastle Books began to creak with the weight of books stored there, we opened the retail outlet in Great Ormond Street in November 1998. The present manager is Malcolm Boyle who is also Sporting Life's placepot expert.

In the Spring of 2002, High Stakes Publishing was formed to significantly increase our publishing output of UK orientated gambling books to overcome the woeful lack of UK based gambling material.

Some of the horse racing books available from High Stakes.

Book picture Profitable Betting Systems For Horse Racing by Ricky Taylor

Can you beat the bookies with a system?

Ricky Taylor thinks you can and puts science and maths to work and comes up with some often startlingly profitable methods. His systems are not complex and he keeps things simple and bases his methods around fundamental form factors that most professional punters would agree are the key to picking winners.

Profitable Betting Systems for Horseracing contains many novel and intriguing systems for both flat and jump racing, including those based around a horse's recent form and class. You will also discover why it pays to follow certain trainers in particular types of race, and why big profits can be earned by studying a horse's pedigree. Studying the betting market can be a profitable source of systems, and the book also details a number of methods that exploit weaknesses in other punter's reasoning - must reading for those who like to back and lay horses on the exchanges. And for those of you that like to bet horses at fancy prices, there are examples of the circumstances to look for when you can win big by betting long-shots.

Profitable Betting Systems for Horseracing doesn't just spell out winning methods; it also explains how you can develop your own successful systems. So if you want to start betting profitably on systems then read this book first.

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Book picture The Racing Retirement Plan by Bernard Hibbert

Split into two parts this book first gives an insightful overview on how to approach serious and professional betting. The second part introduces and explains seven winning systems which author himself uses daily.

Throughout the book Bernard Hibbert shares his many years of experience with the reader. Among other subjects, Bernard explains: the psychology of betting, betting banks, systematic betting, horses selection, weight, handicapping, going, draw bias, paddock watching, trainer and jockey trends, statistics.

Check out the Horse Racing section of High Stakes gambling bookshop

Book picture Watching Racehorses by Geoffrey Hutson

Bad horse behaviour is a significant predictor of poor racing performance. It reveals the methods that he now uses for successful gambling at the racetrack. Watching Racehorses explains:
How to assess fatness and fitness - the body condition of horses
What to look for in the birdcage stalls, including pawing, weaving and restless behaviour
The importance of horse tack and equipment, including the bridle and bit, tongue tie, nose roll, pacifiers, boots and bandages
The impact of sexual behaviour
What to watch out for in the parade ring and mounting yard, including strapper control, horse posture and gait
Behaviour on the track, including sweating and control by the clerk of the course

Watching Racehorses introduces the new and unique concept of behavioural handicapping - scoring horses according to the total amount of bad behaviour they display before a race. By simply betting on favourites with perfect behavioural handicaps it is possible for a casual racegoer to turn a normal 5% loss into a 10% profit.

More than 60 behaviour patterns are described in comprehensive detail. An analysis of the effect of these behaviours on a horse's winning chance, based on observation of over 10,000 horses, is unprecedented in the history of horse racing.

Most racegoers say that they would like to look at the horses, but don't know where to look. This book shows you where and how. There are 230 pages, with over 50 photographs, 30 figures and tables, and a comprehensive index and further reading list.

Check out the Horse Racing section of High Stakes gambling bookshop

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