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Glossary M to R



A female horse aged 5 years or older.

A 2 horse race.

Every foal born has a microchip inserted under its' skin which shows an identification number when scanned.

Minor Honours
Horses that are placed in a race but did not win are said to have achieved minor honours.




Slang term for the Tote as in Nanny Goat.

A tipster's best bet of the day.

National Hunt
Or jump racing, is horseracing over obstacles.

Non Trier
Horses that are believed to have been deliberately stopped from obtaining the best possible finishing position in a race are said to be a non triers.

Not Off
Said of horses thought not to be trying to win.



Can be lodged by connections of a horse if they feel that there has been some wrongdoing in a race. A deposit must be paid to the stewards prior to the complaint.

A horse that wins a race has said to have obliged.

The price of an event happening.

On The Bridle
A horse going well in a race. The jockey has not yet need to encourage the horse to go faster and has a tight hold of the horse's bridle via the reins.

On The Nod
Horses heads move up and down as they gallop. In close finishes a photograph is taken to decide the winner. The winner could be whichever horse has his head down and neck extended at they cross the finish line.

On Tilt
Betting wildly without rational thought, usually after a loss or a bad beat.

Out Of The Handicap
See “Long Handicap”

A betting book with no profit margin.

A betting book with the margin in the bookmaker's favour.

Over Weight
This is an excess of weight carried by a horse when the jockey is too heavy to ride at the weight given in the race conditions.



Palpable Error
This is an error made by bookmakers which is obviously a mistake. If a price is given as 10/1 but the correct price should be nearer 2/1 then even although you may have backed the selection at 10/1 and the bookmaker has taken your bet the bookmaker can claim palpable error and pay you out at 2/1 should the bet win. Note this cannot happen on the exchanges because all the prices are set by other punters.

Each racehorse is given a personal document when they are registered at Wetherbys. This passport must remain with the horse for life and must accompany him when he travels to the racecourse. This ensures that two horses cannot be confused.

Extra weight carried by a horse is a race as penalty for a recent win.

Permit Holder
Trainers who only handle their own horses or those owned by their immediate family. They are only able to run horses under National Hunt rules.

A precise place allocated to a bookmaker in the betting ring to set up his stand. Pitches used to be allocated by seniority by are now sold to the highest bidder.

Most racehorses run in aluminium plates rather than more traditional steel shoes. They are lighter.

A whole unit of odds. A horse which has been backed from 4/1 to 3/1 is said to have come in a point.


Press Association
They are responsible for notifying bookmakers, newspapers and other media of any news within the sports industry, including results. Their announced result is the one that bookmakers pay out on, whether or not is is universally agreed. For example, if there is a dispute about the first goalscorer in a football match the PA decision is the result that is paid out on.

A sport critic or commentator.

Pushed Out
A horse that the jockey has had to work hard on is said to be pushed out.




The muscled area around a horses pelvis that is responsible for pushing the horse forward.



An outside in the betting market.

Ran Out
Used to describe a racehorse that has left the designated route of the race and thereby leaving the race.

A term used to describe a racehorse with a long frame that it will fill as it matures.

A racehorse that has refused to jump a fence despite the jockey intending it to do so.

Many owners and trainers of racehorses pay a particular jockey to ride as a priority for them. These jockeys are known as retainers.

This is a scam which involves one racehorse being replaced by another better rated horse without people knowing. The idea is to back the horse heavily and make a big profit. Is almost impossible to do now due to passports and microchipping.

An error.

Rule 4
SEE RULE 4 section.











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