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Glossary G to L



Gallop Reports
These are featured in some of the racing papers, the papers have a correspondent watching the horses train on the gallops in the major training centres.

A male horse that has been castrated.

A term used to describe a horse that always gives a race its' best efforts.

The state of the ground at a racecourse is referred to in terms of going: Firm, Good to Firm, Good, Good to Soft, Soft or Heavy.

Gone In The Coat
A horse's well being can often be determined by the state of their coat (their fur). If the coat is shiny and bright there is a good chance the horse is fit and well. If the coat is dull and dusky looking then the horse is described as gone in the coat and may not perform to its' best.


A horse is described as green if it shows inexperience at the racecourse.

A British gold coin taken out of circulation in the 1800s which was worth 21 shillings (£1.05 in sterling). British bloodstock sales are still conducted in Guineas.



A more experienced horse that a trainer may keep and ride himself.

Half Brother/Sister
Two horses are half brother or sisters if they are our of the same dam but are by different stallions. Two horses by the same stallion are not deemed half relations as there are so many of them.

The unit of measurement of a horse. A hand is 4 inches.

A horse that veers to the left or the right is said to be hanging. This is usually caused by tiredness.

Used to refer to Newmarket which is where the former Jockey Club headquarters were.

Reducing your liability by backing and laying the same selection.



The Independent Betting Arbitration Service.

In The Frame
If a horse has been placed in a race it is said to be in the frame.



Jocked Off
A jockey being replaced on a horse by another jockey.

Jockey Club
The oldest turf authority in existence it is responsible for licensing of all officials, disciplinary matters, security and regulation of race meetings.

A slang term for the favourite.



A poker term that is used to describe a card that itself does not take part in determining the ranking of a hand but that may be used to break ties between hands of the same rank. For example, one hand is K-K-A-7-4 is said to be a pair of kings with an ace kicker. The ace kicker would beat a hand K-K-J-8-7 because the second hand only has a jack kicker.



To back a selection not to win.

Level Stakes
A staking plan where every bet is made to the same stake.

Long Handicap
Horses that are rated below the minimum weight for a particular race are forced to carry more weight that their handicap mark.











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