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Betting Basics


9 Golden Rules

Nine rules that if followed will increase your chances of being a successful gambler.
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Concept Of Value

An article discussing the concept of value and how it relates to betting markets.
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Gambler's Fallacy

An article discussing the popular belief that a previous occurrence of an event can influence the number of times that the same event will happen again.
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Probability / Odds

An explanation of odds and probability and how they relate to each other and to betting.
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Expected Value

Expected Value or expectation value or EV, in terms of betting is what you can expect to win or lose if you were to bet on the same outcome many times with the same stake.
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Bet Options

A quick guide to the different ways in which you can bet on an event.
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How Books Work

A guide to how bookmakers make up a book for an event. There are some examples shown.
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Bookmaker Bets

A list and explanation of some of the most popular bets that are available with bookmakers.
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Bet Types - Tote

A list and explanation of all the pool bets that are available in the UK through the Tote.
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Online Accounts

A quick guide to opening an online betting account.
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Internet Connection

Some basic information on the type of internet connection to use when betting online.
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Some basic guidance on hardware to use when betting online.
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